Windscreen damage

All windscreen damage must be repaired immediately for safety reasons.

Stone chips

Stone chips on the windscreen should be repaired as soon as possible. Book an appointment from the nearest  InCar repair shop. Windscreen patching is free of charge for customers who have ALD full insurance. 

Stone chips repaired at your workplace 

In the Helsinki region, you can also order an ALD Service Vehicle to repair stone chips at your workplace. The repair must be performed indoors, such as in a garage. To order an ALD Service Vehicle, call +358 207 529 989 or complete the electronic order form.

If it is stated that the windscreen needs to be replaced, the Service Vehicle will order a new windscreen, book an appointment and arrange a replacement car during the windscreen replacement, if required (the price of the replacement car will be specified when placing your order).

Cracks in windscreen

If your windscreen is cracked, book a windscreen replacement appointment from a repair shop. You can book the appointment from the nearest InCar repair shop. For windscreen replacements, the deductible will be charged from the customer according to the insurance policy.

Preparation of an accident report

For cracks in the windscreen, an accident report must be completed. You can complete the accident report online through this accident report link, and it will be sent directly to the correct insurance company. For more information about accident reports, send email to

If your vehicle is covered by ALD full insurance and repaired by using ALD's partner, InCar, you do not need to complete an accident report of windscreen damages. In other cases you can also report a windscreen damage by calling the customer service of insurance company Axa.

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Once you have completed the accident report, the repair shop will directly invoice your insurance company.

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