ALD Full Insurance

Let us administer you vehicle insurance in addition to your fleet for cost savings and ease of use.

ALD Full Insurance is developed to flexibly adapt to our customers’ needs. You can select a suitable excess and thus actively influence the cost of the insurance premiums.

Benefits of our insurance:

  • Your vehicles have comprehensive insurance cover, so there will be no surprises in case of a damage.
  • Insurance premiums are charged monthly on the same invoice as other car use expenses and always specified according to car. This reduces invoice processing costs and there is no need for balancing invoices.
  • Damage cases are processed quickly, as our technical service is familiar with the content of the insurance and can promptly advice the workshop.
  • You can access customer service through us, and in the case of damage, the impartiality of the service is guaranteed by our partner AXA Crawford Solutions.
  • Car registration is easy, as the cars have the same owner and insurer. Insurance always ends on your agreement expiry date.

ALD Full Insurance offers comprehensive coverage

We have combined the obligatory statutory motor insurance with a broad full insurance. Our full insurance covers collision, elk, fire, theft, vandalism and glass damage, vehicle rescue (towing, accommodation and travel expenses in the case of damage, further information), legal expenses and an extended replacement value benefit. 

Prices and excess

The prices of ALD Full Insurance are competitive, starting from EUR 55.00 a month. You can choose from four excess levels: EUR 250.00, EUR 500.00, EUR 1000.00 or EUR 1500.00. There is no excess for windscreen repair and the use of the car rescue service.

Click here for a more detailed insurance description and information on prices and insurance terms:

The higher the excess the less expensive the insurance.

However, selecting a high excess is not always a good idea. If you drive a lot in cities and your mileage per year is high, we recommend a small excess. According to our experiences, a high excess can result in savings at first, but if you frequently incur damage requiring the payment of excess, the savings will turn into additional costs in the long term.

What if the company has a large car fleet but has only incurred few instances of damage?

The more carefully the drivers perform, the more affordably we can grant insurance policies. We are happy to provide you with a customised insurance offer if the cars of your company have seldom incurred damage in the past.  Please contact us for an offer.

ALD Full Insurance customer service

The partner for ALD Full Insurance is Crawford Solutions. AXA customer service helps you in all questions related to motor liability insurance, insurance terms and the acquisition of a Green Card.

Contact details of ALD Full Insurance customer service:
Tel. +358 9 25137540
Mon-Fri 8.30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

In the case of damage, follow these steps.

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