Car policy consulting

Significant savings can be made with a suitable car policy. However, the car policy must, above all, motivate and engage the personnel.

ALD Automotive recommends cost-effective vehicles which suit the image of your company

There are thousands of car models on the market to choose from. However, it is important that cars with the highest overall cost-efficiency are selected. By selecting the correct type of car and by optimising agreement periods, your company will make cost savings. With the help of a professional, it is easy to define your car policy.

ALD Automotive has operated in the service leasing field since 1979. This means that we have decades of experience in building a car policy which fits right in with your company's needs.

A car policy defined with the help of ALD Automotive pays attention to the environment and social responsibility

The annual vehicle tax is based on emissions. The higher the CO2 emission factor defined on the basis of the combined EU consumption a car has, the higher its vehicle tax will be. By selecting cars, the vehicle tax and consumption of which is at the correct level, your company will save significant amounts of money.

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