Guide for test driving

Consider your needs for driving and visit car dealerships to test drive different car makes and models. Here are some tips for the test drive!


1)      Travelling Companion. Test drive the car together with the people who will be sharing the vehicle with you. Can the children see out from the back seat? Can the entire family travel comfortably, even long distances? Sit on the back seat to check how much leg room there is.

2)      Space.  Is the front seat comfortable to sit on? Can you as the driver see well in all directions when reversing or parking? Remember to ensure that the vehicle has enough room for your pets or hobbies. 

3)      Materials and Dashboard.  Does the interior of the car feel pleasant? Do you prefer harder materials on the seats, do the hard surfaces feel like they are high-quality? Some people like that the dashboard is operated with buttons, while others prefer to use digital buttons. 

4)      Emissions. Where do you drive mostly, city or country roads? What is the car’s fuel efficiency like on these kinds of trips? The car’s CO₂ emissions may have an impact on the parking fees of some towns. Could you select a hybrid or electric car?

5)      The joy of driving. If you enjoy driving or spend a lot of time behind the wheel, think about what driving feels like. Driving can be a pleasure when the car fulfils your and your travel companion’s demands. It may even be a positive surprise for you!

A company car is a carefree option to drive a new car without any unexpected costs. You company’s car policy defines which makes and models are available to you. You should also check whether you are entitled to a limited or unlimited car benefit. Use our car benefit calculator to check the amount of your car benefit. 

We are happy to help you in selecting a suitable car for your needs! When you have found a suitable car, ask the dealership to send in a quote to us. We will calculate a quote and get in touch with you. 

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