Replacement vehicle service

During the maintenance and repair of your company cars, you can use a replacement car at low cost through ALD Automotive.

Replacement car during servicing

Depending on the agreement, our customers have access to a free Class A replacement car during scheduled servicing and technical repairs (max. one day, max. 100 km per day). In the event of collisions and accidents, replacement cars are available at ALD's contractual prices.

The replacement car service of ALD Automotive operates via Europcar and Hertz car rentals.

Europcar booking service

Tel. +358 403 062 520 

Hertz booking service

Tel. +358 20 555 2228 

Your booking will be confirmed no later than on the following working day. Please wait for your confirmation.

In case of damage repairs

If your car needs to be repaired due to a traffic accident and the damage was caused by the counterparty, your replacement car can be paid for from the counterparty's insurance policy. In this case, you need to prove that you need a car for professional uses during the repair of your own car. For this purpose, you need to complete a form to specify your need for a car. You can complete the form in electronic format through this link. Alternatively, you may download and print the form through this link.
InCar Oy is ALD Automotive's repair partner.

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