ALD Matrix

You only pay for your driving. ALD Matrix is a truly transparent and flexible way to control costs associated with company cars.

Matrix is a flexible leasing model developed for the needs of centralisation and framework agreement customers. It offers a leasing guarantee from the very beginning of the agreement period. ALD Matrix is suitable for company cars and production vehicles.

Full cover for changes:

  • You always pay rent according to the actual mileage, and nothing else. Instead of a single leasing rent, we calculate 595 different leasing rents for you as information: agreement period 12–60 months and contractual mileage 10,000–180,000 km.
  • All Matrix rents are true leasing rents calculated on the offer date.
  • No index-tying, no interest rate changes, and no changes in residual value.
  • ALD Matrix does not concern contractual change only, it also applies to the premature termination of the leasing agreement. If desired, you can use ALD Matrix alongside your current agreement terms as an optional way to terminate your agreement. You can select the less expensive option.
  • Any under-mileage is always compensated in full to customers.
  • There is no car-specific over-mileage charge; customers only pay a rent according to the actual mileage.
  • Customers no longer need to monitor contractual changes. The total contractual cost always remains unchanged, regardless of whether balancing is made during the period or at the end of the agreement.
  • Secured rent level in case of any changes in vehicle taxation.

A centralisation agreement as enabled by ALD Matrix can be entered into when the company's fleet consists of at least six vehicles. This is a one-of-a-kind service in Finland, and it eliminates any uncertainties and additional costs associated with contractual changes.

You only pay for how much you drive

If any changes are needed in leasing agreements, ALD Matrix is the most inexpensive way to revise agreements available in the market. In fact, the agreement will not be revised in the traditional way; instead, the rent will be adjusted to correspond to the actual rent valid on the date of the agreement. At the beginning of the agreement period, you will receive a straightforward table which presents leasing rents for nearly all possible combinations of agreement duration and mileage.

ALD Matrix operating principle

When preparing the agreement, you can normally select the estimated agreement duration and mileage. All other possible combinations of agreement duration and mileage are also recorded in ALD Matrix.

Changing the agreement during the leasing period is easy. You can change the agreement at any time or, alternatively, the balance calculation can be included in the final invoice. The total cost of your agreement will be the same in both cases.

The total cost of your agreement will always be the same as in a situation where you had originally selected the correct agreement duration and mileage.

How does ALD Matrix work?

To revise your agreement, all you need to do is to select a new duration or mileage. You can find the new leasing price directly from ALD Matrix.

In conjunction with changes to the agreement, the leasing amount that has been paid according to the original agreement will be compared to the actual kilometres driven according to the ALD Matrix chart. The actual months and mileage are rounded off to the nearest rent listed in the leasing chart according to regular rounding rules. The total difference between the old and new leasing rent will either be refunded to or charged from the customer when changing the agreement, without any separate over-mileage charge. After this, the agreement will continue according to the new leasing rent listed in the ALD Matrix chart.

If a vehicle is returned during the agreement period, the ALD Matrix chart is checked to identify the original leasing rent over the specific period and with the specific mileage. This leasing rent obtained by ALD Matrix is compared to already paid leasing rents, and the total difference is charged from the customer when the vehicle is returned.

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