There are many things to consider in case of an accident. Being a customer of ALD Automotive, you do not, however, need to handle them on your own. We are here to help and serve you.

Our partner, Incar Damage Service Center tel. 0300 247 247 will give you hand completing the accident report, reserving replacement car and all other issues related to your accident.

All repairs of company cars must be performed by InCar Oy. You can find the closest outlet here.

You can complete the accident report through this link. The accident report will be sent to the insurance company which covers your car. For more information about accident reports, contact our partner, InCar Oy: Alternatively, you may download an accident report form,print and sign it and send it to the insurance company.

In case of an accident the accident report must be sent in 12 months. The accident report must be delivered to AXA Corporate Solutions within this time frame in order to be legitimated to receive compensation.


If your car has been subjected to vandalism or it has been broken in to, in addition to completing an accident report, you need to report the incident to the police.

Traffic accidents

If a traffic accident has a counterparty, call the police. The party causing the traffic accident will prepare an accident report for their insurance company.

Replacement car during damage repairs

If your car needs to be repaired due to a traffic accident and the cause of the damage was the counterparty, your replacement car can be paid for from the counterparty's insurance policy. In this case, you need to prove that you need a car for professional uses during the repair of your own car. For this purpose, you need to complete a form to specify your need for a car. You can complete the form through this link.

Pick-up service

With the pick-up service, you can easily have your company car repaired from your workplace. The damage repair service will pick up and repair your car and return it to your workplace.

The pick-up service operates in the Helsinki region, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Tampere and the Turku region.

You can use the service if your ALD Automotive service leasing vehicle is in running condition and does not need towing. A replacement car will be delivered to you if you so desire.

The service is provided by InCar Oy which offers a three-year warranty for its work and the warranty offered by your car manufacturer will remain unchanged. You can book a service appointment at your nearest InCar outlet

Damage service center
0300 247 247