ALD Car Wash

Always drive a clean car and enjoy a better service experience.

With the help of ALD Car Wash, a company's vehicles are kept clean at a predefined fixed price, invoiced together with other invoicing. This makes managing and reporting the total costs of vehicle use easier. The service itself works with the help of a mobile app. It is available for both company cars and production vehicles.

Taking the ALD Car Wash Service into use 

You only need to contact your ALD contact person and specify which cars should be included in the scope of the ALD Car Wash Service. We will activate the service and take care of informing the drivers and providing them with instructions.

Car wash sites

Our partner for the ALD Car Wash Service is Juhlapesu. The whole car wash network and the site nearest to you can be found here.

Drivers should only use ALD's pre-approved partners.

Company cars

With company cars, the ALD Car Wash Service works through a mobile app. The driver selects the car wash option he or she wants.

Production vehicles

With production vehicles, the ALD Car Wash Service works based on license plate identification. A suitable car wash category has been predefined for the vehicle. The driver only needs to drive the vehicle into the car wash. Equipment washes are also possible: the service is well suited for a vehicle with a roof rack or other protruding equipment, for instance.

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