Fuel cards

ALD Automotive fuel cards offer you ease of management and increase flexibility in operations.

Fuel cards 

ALD Automotive offers its customers S-Business cards (ABC), Neste or Shell/St1 fuel cards. The card can be used to pay for fuel, car wash, servicing and small accessories purchased from a dealership.

Users of the limited benefit can select a separate wash card without the fuel purchase facility.

Card features include a kilometre survey which makes it easier to monitor the mileage. Card purchases and the kilometre information given can be monitored through the ALD reporting service.

Card purchases are invoiced monthly from the specific company through a collective invoice according to actual costs. The competitive discounts negotiated by ALD Automotive are taken into account in charges. Customers of ALD Automotive are also able to use an automatic posting service which makes invoice handling easier.

Please remember to return your fuel cards with the leasing vehicle.

For more information about fuel cards and their acquisition to your company, contact ALD customer service by calling +358 10 404 2503 or by sending email to asiakaspalvelu@aldautomotive.com.

Fuel card customer service

TI-Engineering Systems Oy (TiEs) is responsible for the cancellation, ordering and delivery of ordered fuel cards. If you have any questions about ordered fuel cards, please contact the customer service of TiEs directly:

Tel. +358 10 404 2800
Mon - Fri at 8 am – 4:30 pm

Missing cards

If a card goes missing, please notify the fuel company immediately of the situation. All service numbers are open 24h.

ABC / S-Business card: +358 20 333 
Neste: +358 800 196 196 
Shell: +358 20 4432 074
St1: +358 800 137 70 

Charging solution for electric cars

It is possible to use the extensive charging network of our partners Virta and Plugit for charging plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars. Charging is activated with a mobile application or an RFID tag, which you can order through the service providers' mobile application if you wish. Through the mobile application, you can also check the up-to-date charging network. In addition to the public charging network, it is also possible to charge your car with Virta or Plugit charging devices at home and at the company's office.
Please note that drivers should only use partners pre-approved by ALD if the home charging device is included in the leasing contract, or it is necessary to direct the electricity costs related to home charging to your employer through us.

Customer service for charging solutions

The charging service provider's mobile application is always ordered by ALD's customer service, if you want the charging costs to go through us to your employer. After opening the service, our partners take care of customer service:

Puh. 0800 02200 (24h/Palvelukeskus)

Puh. 0207 350 330
email : support@plugit.fi

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