ALD Switch – more flexibility to electric mobility

With ALD Switch, our customers driving fully electric company cars can switch to a traditional car with an internal combustion engine flexibly when needed. We’ll also take care of compensating the emissions caused by the temporary car to ensure that your drivers can keep on driving in an eco-friendly manner all year round.

Getting a temporary car via ALD Automotive

Do you want flexibility to electric mobility that responds to the changing needs of drivers? ALD Switch enables a low-emission car fleet for your company – without compromising flexibility or your drivers’ comfort. With the service, your drivers can get just the right car for each situation.

Switch cars for a holiday road trip

ALD Switch enables your employees to get a car with a traditional internal combustion engine for a holiday or another longer car trip. When travelling in an area where the charging network is less extensive, it might still be more convenient to use a petrol or diesel car.

We want to offer your employees an opportunity to reduce local emissions by using a fully electric car with a lower taxable value for all daily travels. Your company can then benefit from lower fuel costs. When needed, a driver can flexibly switch to another car that is better suited for temporary needs.

We’ll compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions of the service

Thanks to the emissions compensation included in the service, your drivers can have peace of mind and keep driving with minimum impact on the environment all year round. The lease of a replacement car automatically includes the emissions compensation. In cooperation with Reforest Finland, we’ll plant a tree for each week you use the ALD Switch service. This means that each company driver who is leasing a replacement car powered by fossil fuel via the ALD Switch service is promoting the increase of national carbon sinks. The trees will be planted in the municipality of Karkkila, and you can follow their planting status online.

How does the service work?

All ALD customer companies and their drivers are entitled to the ALD Switch service, as long as the driver has a valid long-term leasing agreement for a fully electric car owned by ALD.

The driver can use the ALD Switch service up to four weeks a year without kilometre restrictions. The shortest possible lease is for one week. The price of the service automatically includes the emissions compensation. With the same weekly price, the driver can choose from ALD’s own standby and replacement car fleet in Vantaa, without any size or other restrictions.

Our selection includes different cars from passenger cars to vans, and from small cars to large ones. Whether you need a car for your entire family’s skiing holiday or a trip with a smaller group, you can always ask for a suitable temporary car to use. The car can be booked maximum of one week before it is needed. As the number of cars is limited, we recommend that you send us your query on their availability well in advance, especially during holiday seasons.

Benefits of ALD Switch:

  • Employee satisfaction

    • More flexibility for drivers of fully electric leasing cars. If required, a driver can flexibly switch to another car, better suited for temporary needs – without kilometre or size restrictions.
  • Environmentally sustainable

    • Reduces daily environmental impacts as more and more drivers can use a car with low emissions for most of the year. Emissions from a temporary car with an internal combustion engine will be compensated.
  • Lower costs

    • An efficient way to reduce fuel costs and choose a car for daily use, without compromising the practicality of the employees’ car benefit.

Do you want to know more?
We are happy to tell you more about our flexible service for fully electric drivers. Get in touch with our customer service or contact our leasing sales.

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