We take customer experience seriously. We want to develop and improve so that every customer encounter is better than the previous one. We believe that customer experience means different things to different people. We strive to deliver a better experience for every customer.

We at ALD Automotive offer comprehensive service leasing services to companies of all sizes. We base all our activities on customer orientation and high-quality customer service, whether your company uses one car or a thousand cars.

What is the ALD customer promise?

  • It is ALD's ambition for approaching its customers.
  • An operating model for meeting individual needs backed up by a well-defined process that supports our actions.
  • Positive customer experience.
  • Measurable – not just empty words.
  • A matter of honour – we do not compromise the customer experience. 

What we promise to you as a company car administrator

High-quality fleet management spanning the entire vehicle life cycle from the offer process to returns. Personal customer service that attends to your company's interests. Our concretised customer promise to you is as follows:

  • Active development of cooperation – We will make sure that we are an active partner to you. You decide the level of activity that you prefer and we uphold it. 
  • Transparent evaluation of cooperation – We will monitor how satisfied your drivers are with us and we will openly report it to you. We will set the cooperation performance indicators together and monitor them.
  • An ordering process that is smooth and follows your company's operating models: after each order, we will ask drivers for feedback on their satisfaction with the order.
  • Car deliveries that meet the expectations of the drivers. We will ensure that the service provided by our partners meets the quality criteria.

We will be vigilant and actively request feedback from you.

In the 2022 survey, our customers gave our service the following ratings*: 
  • Cooperation in general 8.4
  • Professional skill and expertise 8.5
  • Reliability of business 8.6
  • Availability 8.1
  • Overall grade 8.1

(On a scale of 1 to 10, the best being 10.)

To deliver on our customer promise, we rely on the value of responsibility: We are responsible for our own work, its quality and how it affects our customers.

What we promise to you as a driver

Multi-channel customer service available 24/7. We serve you as an individual and wish to use the channels that suit you the best. We will monitor your experience of our service and actively request feedback from you.

We promise:
  • High availability - We are available on working days between 10 am and 4 pm by phone or email. Our service does not stop there, as our Road Service is available to assist you around the clock every day of the week.
  • Quick response times - Our My ALD service portal is open 24/7 and you can use it to check the details of your car and lease at any time.
  • Professional customer service that is happy to help you with all of your car-related queries. Our company is full of professionals who can provide all the necessary assistance without delay.

We will be vigilant and actively request feedback from you.

In the 2022 survey, our custmers gave our service the following ratings:*
  • Availability 8.3
  • Service attitude 8.6
  • Professionalism 8.6
  • Overall grade 8.4

(On a scale of 1 to 10, the best being 10.**)

To deliver on our customer promise, we rely on the value of commitment: We are committed to acting boldly in line with our values and objectives, both as individuals and together.

*) Yritysautopäättäjät -survey 2022, Innolink Research Oy
**) Autoilijat -survey 2022, Innolink Research Oy

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