Values and mission

Our mission is to be the cooperation partner providing the best service for our customers' moving needs.

ALD Automotive serves its customers applying the following values

Team spirit



Continuous development

ALD Bluefleet commitment to sustainable development

Being the leading provider of service leasing, we want to bear responsibility, in particular, for the safety of motorists and the environment. We want to help our customers to pay attention to fuel-efficient and safe driving, and to find eco-friendlier solutions for motoring.

The ALD Bluefleet programme aims at environmentally friendly motoring. Through car policy consulting and TCO calculations, the fleets of companies can be guided towards a more environmentally friendly direction. We organise courses aimed at safe and fuel-efficient driving for our customers. Car fleet emissions can also be monitored using the ALD reporting program.

Our objective is to reduce fuel consumption and traffic accidents for improved traffic safety and lower environmental load. By selecting more environmentally friendly vehicles and by optimising the mileage and fuel efficiency, fuel consumption can be minimised.

The choice of model has a direct impact on the emissions and operating costs of company cars. In addition, a car with a high fuel efficiency and a low emission level communicates that the company pays attention to the environment. Setting an emission level for company cars is an effective way to reduce CO2 emissions and company car-related costs. It is useful to select a car model with a high fuel efficiency because the retail value of these cars is higher than that of models with a lower fuel efficiency.

International ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive is part of French Société Générale Group and operates as its subsidiary responsible for service leasing and vehicle fleet management. Société Générale is one of the largest financial service groups in the eurozone. It employs 163,000 people in 82 countries.

Société Générale operates in three key business sectors:

  • Banking and financing services for private customers: SG has more than 30 million private customers worldwide.
  • Asset management and private banking
  • Corporate and investment banking
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