Expert in company cars

ALD Automotive has offered successful services related to company cars in Finland for more than 35 years. For companies, ALD Automotive is an expert partner to which they can outsource the management of their fleet in full or in part.

ALD Automotive is the leading expert company in the service leasing field in Finland. It has attained its leading market position by responding to the needs of its customers and by offering a competitive solution for the ownership and management of vehicle fleets of companies. ALD Automotive operates in more than 40 countries and, worldwide, it manages more than one million vehicles. ALD Automotive is the world's third largest company offering service leasing for company cars.

In addition to ALD Automotive, Axus Finland Oy Group consists of NF Fleet Oy. The total fleet under management consists of 24,000 vehicles, including vans and private cars. In Finland, the vehicle leasing service was started in 1979.

ALD Automotive in a nutshell

  • Worldwide operations in more than 40 countries
  • More than 1,5 million vehicles under management internationally
  • Axus Finland Oy Group consists of ALD Automotive and NF Fleet Oy 
  • Market leader in Finland with a market share of 40%
  • Service leasing experience in Finland since 1979
  • The Group's fleet in Finland consists of 22,000 vehicles
  • The Group sells the majority of returned leasing vehicles
  • More than 6,300 employees worldwide
  • Services offered by over 100 professionals in Finland
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