ALD Driver's Log service

Is your company still spending time on preparing driver's logs and travel expense reports? We offer you the electronic ALD Driver's Log service. Using the service, you can save time, effort and the environment.

The ALD Driver's Log service automatically saves the mileage driven. Creating the calculations needed for invoicing kilometre allowances and for deducting taxes only takes a minute in our easy-to-use online service.

The mileage driven is saved together with information about the driving style. By analysing the information and comparing different routes, savings can be achieved through improved fuel economy and lower carbon dioxide emissions. With the ALD Driver's Log service, motorists can adopt a fuel-efficient and safe driving style. Through more fuel-efficient driving, there will also be fewer traffic accidents. A decrease in insurance compensation also has an impact on the development of your company's insurance premiums.

The automatic registration of information allows you to focus on your key operations. By integrating the ALD Driver's Log service into your company's systems, time savings can also be seen in payroll services, invoicing and accounting. Having specific information about trips driven reduces the amount of kilometre allowances.

We offer a separate Driver's Log service for production vehicles, which can be expanded to a full company car management service as required. The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Advantages of the ALD Driver's Log service

The ALD Driver's Log service is able to produce permanent cost savings for the use and management of company cars. In addition, the ALD Driver's Log service combines tools affecting wellbeing at work, eco-friendliness and improved safety into a single service.

The ALD Driver's Log service produces an automatic driver's log which can easily be integrated, for example, directly into the employer's travel expense report system. What is more, the system automatically produces the summaries required for the tax authority.

Advantages of the ALD Driver's Log service in a nutshell

  • guidance towards safer and more fuel-efficient driving
  • lower fuel consumption
  • safer driving, fewer accident risks
  • driver's log and positioning for the needs of taxation, invoicing and production control
  • driver identification
  • personal driving coach
  • tools for work control: monitoring, consumption and environmental reports
  • vehicle monitoring and control on an online map, including historical information
  • environmental reportingt


Are you interested in the ALD Driver's Log service?

Please contact the customer service of ALD Automotive if you want to hear more or have any questions about the start-up of the service.

User IDs will be delivered to you when you start using the ALD Driver's Log service. You can log in to the service by clicking the button below.

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