Responsibility constantly guides our operations

Our goal is to become an even more responsible mobility partner. That’s why we are constantly working to develop responsible operations for the environment, people and sustainable mobility.

Environmental responsibility

Vastuullisuus_ymparisto_1000x1000Environmental sustainability and reducing emissions are important values and requirements for us at ALD, but also for our customers. We support our customers in leading their mobility in a more environmentally sustainable direction and favour low-emission options in our own operations.

We also participate in the voluntary Green Deal environmental agreement between the automotive industry and the government, which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in passenger car traffic. The goals of the agreement support reducing carbon dioxide emissions in traffic, improving energy efficiency in vehicles, and promoting biofuels and other alternative power sources.

In addition, we cooperate with Reforest Finland which plants one tree in the municipality of Karkkila per every week a car has been rented via the ALD Switch replacement car service. In this way, every company car user who rents a replacement car via the ALD Switch service acts for the environment and helps increase the carbon sink in Finland.

Social responsibility

Vastuullisuus_csr_1000x1000People and social responsibility are at the core of everything we do. Our expert personnel are our most valuable resource that has received constant praise from our customers. By operating as we do, we aim to constantly contribute to personnel satisfaction and occupational safety, and the impacts of this can be seen in our customers’ daily lives.

We want to play our part for those less fortunate in our society through volunteer work by our personnel. Our volunteering programme covers the entire personnel, and it was launched in 2021 in Finland. Through the programme, our personnel can lend a hand and do something concrete to help during their working hours. Through the programme, we support children and young people in need, make mobility services available for all and protect the environment by working together.

As part of the Responsible Summer Job campaign, we want to play our part in employing young people and offering them valuable experiences as they are starting out in their careers. In 2021, we were ranked fourth best among small and medium-sized companies in the Responsible Summer Job competition. Summer employees let their voices be heard and assessed their summer job experiences at ALD based on categories such as the recruitment process, induction training, fairness, and how meaningful their tasks were.  

Sustainable mobility solutions

Vastuullisuus_liikkuminen_1000x1000Our role at ALD is to support and offer consultations for our customers so that it is even easier for them to move to more environmentally sustainable mobility. We help companies reduce emissions from mobility by advising them on low emission car choices and offering advice on all questions about electric mobility.

We strongly encourage our personnel to choose low-emission transport methods through our own vehicle policy. We have increased the number of charging stations for electric cars in our facilities, and our own logistics is handled using electric vans. In addition to low-emission driving, we encourage our employees to adopt even more environmentally sustainable transport methods via a company bicycle benefit.

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