All service leasing vehicles of ALD Automotive are equipped with summer and winter tyres. In addition, tyre changes and the replacement of tyres caused by normal wear are included in the agreement. The replacement of tyres caused by tyre damage, such as punctures and jamming, are not included in the leasing rent

Book a tyre change

You can change the tyres of your company car at Euromaster and Vianor outlets.


Euromaster booking


Vianor booking

Bring any summer tyre bolts and the required wrench with you. Please note that the tyre storage service is not automatically included in the leasing agreement. You can check tyre storage instructions from your company's contact person or from your company's car policy.

When should I have my tyres changed?

Winter tyres must be used from the beginning of December until the end of February. Studded tyres can be used from the beginning of November until the Monday following Easter Monday and if so required due to weather conditions. 

Winter tyres should be used as long as the temperature is below zero during the night. Regional variation in weather conditions should also be taken into consideration. There is no reason to change tyres too early, especially if you are planning a trip north.

What to consider before changing the tyres?

When booking an appointment online, make sure that you make your booking at the correct outlet, especially if your tyres are being stored at a specific outlet.

When coming to have your tyres changed, check whether the car has two sets of bolts or nuts and where the bolt wrench is located. 

When should tyres be replaced?

You should have the condition of your tyres checked when you have your tyres changed. Also remember to check tyre pressures regularly.

Regulations demand that the minimum tread of winter tyres is 3.0 mm over the main tread pattern. Correspondingly, the minimum tread of summer tyres is 1.6 mm.

Tyres of company cars have been equipped with wear indicators. When the indicator located at the bottom of the pattern is at the same level as the tyre surface, you should replace your tyres. Tyres can be replaced when you have your tyres changed, if necessary. State that you would like to have your tyres replaced when making a booking. Tyre shops will request ALD Technical Service to approve the replacement of your tyres.

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