ALD Service Car

ALD Service Car fixes small dents and stone chips on site. You can same time and trouble as we come to you, and you do not need to go to a repair shop.

Being a customer of ALD Automotive, you can have access to a dent and windscreen repair service in the Helsinki region. Once you have placed your order, the ALD Service Car will drive to your workplace to repair your car. When using the ALD Service Car, you only pay for the repairs carried out if these are not covered by your motor liability insurance.

Windscreen repairs

  • Stone and stud chips are repaired on-site
  • If the windscreen needs to be replaced, the Service Vehicle will order a new windscreen and book an appointment
  • Booking a replacement car for the replacement of a windscreen, if required (you will be notified of the charge for the replacement car when placing your order)

Repair of dents

  • Repairable dents are repaired on-site

Inspection of damage

  • Damage help
  • Inspection of accident damage
  • Preparation of a loss calculation for the insurance company
  • Preparation of a loss calculation with the customer
  • Preparing the form to identify the need for a replacement car with the customer (you will be notified of the charge for the replacement car when placing your order)
  • Ordering spare parts for a repaired car
  • Arranging and booking a replacement car
  • Arranging the pick-up of the repaired car, if required

The service is produced by InCar Oy.

Order an ALD Service Car to come to you

The ALD Service Car operates in the Helsinki region on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.
Complete the order form or call +358 300 247 247.

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