Why ALD Automotive

Leasing services of ALD Automotive offer a flexible and easy solution for the management of company cars. Acquiring company cars with a leasing agreement helps to draw up a budget and releases your company's capital to key operations.

ALD Automotive offers exhaustive service leasing services to companies of all sizes. Placing focus on the customer and a high-quality customer service are the starting points of all activities, regardless of whether your company has one car or one thousand cars.

Why outsource company cars to ALD Automotive?

  • A professional partner will help you to define your company's car policy.
  • Drivers get full benefits from ALD Automotive services.
  • Leasing cars are an external cost item according to international financial reporting standards.
  • Companies save personnel resources.
  • Our customers are able to achieve significant cost savings.
  • For owned cars or leasing cars of another financing company, we offer a full management service, starting immediately after the agreement has been signed.

A fixed monthly charge is paid for all company cars, covering all services included in the agreement. In this way, the budget remains under full control. Service leasing offers a sensibly priced solution which helps in budgeting.

Our expertise at your disposal

The company car outsourcing service includes the analysis of the fleet structure. On the basis of the analysis, we prepare improvement proposals, if necessary, to help customer companies achieve cost savings. However, customer companies will have full authority to make decisions on their company cars.

Being a customer of ALD Automotive, you will benefit from the expert consulting services of our professional staff in all matters related to company cars – ranging from taxation to the preparation of a car policy.

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