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How can I achieve cost savings from production vehicles?

How can I achieve cost savings from production vehicles?

Cost savings can be achieved by analysing your company's fleet, selecting key factors, implementing the correct methods and monitoring and measuring operations.

Customised customer-specific vehicle solution

ALD Automotive will recommend cost-effective makes and models to your company, and guide the selection of production vehicles according to CO2 emissions. The objective of ALD Automotive is to offer the best customised solution for company cars.

The following factors are taken into account in production vehicle consulting:

  • The selection of the correct vehicle for your company's work-related needs
  • Optimised mobility, flexibility and out-of-service period of your fleet
  • Minimised time spent on control, management and organisation
  • Transparent costs and price warranty

Fleet management

A continuous management of the fleet is necessary in order to optimise total costs. ALD Automotive professionals will take care of the following so that you do not have to:

  • Price negotiations and service terms and conditions with all parties: dealerships, repair shops, tyre shops, insurance companies
  • Continuous cost control: Is the invoiced price in line with what has been negotiated?
  • Technical control: Is the correct servicing performed and for the right reasons?
  • Regular comparison between different makes, models and prices.

ALD Driver's Log service

A traditional driver's log is still being maintained for many production vehicles. We have developed an easy-to-use Driver's Log service, with which driving-related information can be maintained in electronic format. More information about the ALD Driver's Log service

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