Returning a car

When the leasing agreement ends, company cars must be returned properly serviced to the return location.

Instructions for returning cars

Cars must be returned clean to the ALD Automotive return location on the date specified in the agreement. There is no need to book an appointment when returning the car. When the car is returned, its condition and equipment will be checked. Please remember to bring all tyres belonging to the car (summer and winter tyres with bolts), keys and spare keys, cylinder block heater cable and radio and any anti-theft system codes with the car. Please also make sure that all car documents are in the car.

If you want to take part in the inspection of the car, we recommend that you arrive at the Vantaa return location no later than on 3:30 pm. The inspection takes approximately 30 minutes.

Please also remember to remove the details of the returned car from any mobile applications you may have used. 

Cars returned to dealerships

Cars returned to an outlet other than an ALD Automotive return location must always be agreed upon in writing with ALD automotive. Please report information about your car and the return date and location via email to

Please note that cars returned to an outlet other than a return location are subject to a transfer charge. Customers are responsible for their cars until the final return inspection has been performed at the ALD Automotive return location.

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