Cost savings through cars

How can you achieve cost savings for your company through cars?

Cost savings as an objective

ALD Automotive has the right tools and a professional staff that help you to carry out your cost saving programme. By outsourcing your company cars, you can control hidden car-related costs. The highest savings can be achieved by analysing and monitoring your company's fleet and having the correct people.

Optimised car-related costs as an objective

Company car-related costs can be optimised with the help of a professional partner and by analysing total car-related costs. ALD Automotive consults its customers regarding the selection of cost-effective makes and models, taking CO2 emissions into account, and therefore helps to optimise the fleet and car-related costs. By analysing total costs, we are able to find the best solutions for your company, also in terms of the duration of the leasing agreement and the mileage.

The calculation of total costs takes into account fixed costs, such as the devaluation of the car, costs arising from the transfer and registration of the car, servicing costs and variable costs, such as fuel consumption.

Flexible leasing agreements according to needs

Our customers are able to change the validity period of their agreement or their mileage. When a car needs to be driven more or less than estimated when entering into the agreement, the mileage can be changed to correspond to the actual situation.

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