Sale and leaseback

With the ALD Automotive sale and leaseback service, your company can quickly stop owning cars and release capital to your key operations. Using the service, you can also outsource risks associated with part-payment and financial leasing cars to an expert service leasing partner.

Service principles

More and more companies want to make a transition from owned cars to leased cars. In the sale and leaseback service, ALD Automotive buys your company's fleet and leases the cars back to your company through a service leasing agreement. The cars will be continuously at your company's disposal. When it comes to leaseback, the duration of the leasing agreement will be defined separately for each vehicle. This is affected by the condition of the fleet and the company's need to modernise its fleet.

The sale and leaseback service is a quick and easy way to stop owning cars and adopt the diverse service leasing of ALD Automotive. Using the service, you can also outsource risks associated with part-payment or finance leasing cars to a financing company.

Various benefits

Your company will obtain various benefits from the sale and leaseback service. When your fleet is sold, your company will have new capital, for example, to make investments. At the same time, less administrative work needs to be performed for your fleet. In addition, risks associated with the ownership of cars, such as a decrease in the residual value and unexpected servicing costs, can be outsourced to the service leasing partner.

  • Capital is released to productive use in your company's key operations.
  • Changes in key figures of financial statements – direct impact on the balance sheet and direct improvement of cash flow
  • Outsourced risks (resale value, unexpected tyre costs and increased servicing costs)
  • Released personnel resources
  • Easy and carefree for drivers
  • Fixed company car-related costs on a consolidated monthly invoice
  • Servicing and repair invoices handled by ALD Technical Service
  • Diverse service leasing services

Which cars can be added to the service?

The service can be used in the following cases:

  • Owned cars on the balance sheet which have been used in activities subject to VAT deductions
  • Part-payment cars with have been used in activities subject to VAT deductions
  • Financial leasing cars

The purchase price of the fleet will be negotiated on a vehicle-specific basis. Vehicles not eligible for the service can be included in the management process or sold according to a mutually agreed schedule.

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