For international businesses

Using our extensive international network, company cars are under management through a single service provider across the globe.

ALD Automotive operates globally in more than 40 countries, and its fleet consists of more than one million vehicles. Our international customers can enter into a Nordic agreement covering the Nordic countries or a worldwide international agreement.

Advantages of an international agreement

Our international customers have access to excellent centralisation benefits.

  • Easy management of the fleet
  • Designated contact person both locally and internationally.
  • International reporting from a single source
  • Development of the car policy on an international level
  • A development plan aimed at lower total costs
  • Extensive international network
  • ALD Net Global reporting system

ALD Net Global offers a tool for the management and reporting of global fleets. Using the tool, you can view your company's fleet not only in Finland, but also in all of the more than 40 ALD countries where your company has ALD vehicles. Fleet information is visualised using general built-in reporting templates along with diagrams. Reports indicate, for example, the company's average CO2 emissions per country and/or per unit. All diagram information is easy to export into an Excel worksheet. The use of ALD Net Global always requires an international cooperation agreement with ALD. If you do not have ALD Net user credentials, please contact your ALD contact person.

Designated contact person in Finland

Our contact persons specialised in international services take care of your fleet both locally in Finland and internationally. This facilitates the management of your fleet, and allows all reports to come from a single source. We will prepare a country-specific development plan for our customers, the aim of which is to reduce total costs.

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