Advantages of company cars

Replacing kilometre allowances by a company car?

A safe and carefree option

For employees, a company car is a carefree option to drive a new car without any unexpected costs. The car can be selected according to the required purpose of use, leisure activities and the size of the family. Significant emphasis is placed on the safety of new cars, which improves the traffic safety of company car users.

The leasing company is responsible not only for the decrease in the retail value of the car, but also for servicing and inspection costs. Furthermore, costs arising from technical repairs performed due to regular wear and tear are not incurred by company car users.

A consulting partner

In many cases, the use of a company car reduces the annual mileage and offers the most cost-effective option for companies. When company cars are acquired through a service leasing agreement, the management of cars and the monitoring of costs can be fully outsourced to the leasing company.

For companies, ALD Automotive is an expert partner which helps to select the best company car solution and optimise costs arising from company cars. Leasing professionals of ALD Automotive also help you to define the most suitable car policy for your company and offer consultation in all questions related to company cars and utility vehicles.

ALD Matrix leasing guarantee

An ALD Matrix centralisation agreement can be prepared for companies with a fleet consisting of at least six vehicles. In the ALD Matrix leasing guarantee, the operating years and mileage of the car are calculated for all possible options (10,000–180,000 km and 12–60 months), and they are always made flexible according to the customer's needs, driving history and future plans.

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