Our contact people provide you with help in matters related to ALD/Hansel agreements.

ALD Automotive's dedicated contact people

Ilkka Johansson

Tel. +358 10 404 2582, ilkka.johansson@aldautomotive.com
Contact our dedicated contact person in all questions related to cars.

Other contact people

Risto Kunnasvuo

Tel. +358 10 404 2583, risto.kunnasvuo@aldautomotive.com

Maria-Riikka Pesonen

Tel. +358 10 404 2585, maria-riikka.pesonen@aldautomotive.com 

ALD Technical Service

ALD Technical Service helps you in technical questions and problems related to leasing cars and in servicing and tyre matters. 

ALD Technical Service

Tel. +358 10 404 2400, teknineninfo.fi@aldautomotive.com

Assistance Service

Verify the validity of any Assistance Service offered by the importer for your vehicle. The service content and additional information are specified in the service folder or on the car manufacturer's website.

ALD Road Service 24/7

ALD Road Service 

Tel. +358 800 9 0909
The Road Service is available to you 24 hours every day.