EasyPark parking service

Easy parking without any coins or receipts using the EasyPark app.

Customers of ALD Automotive are now able to utilise the EasyPark parking service as part of full-range company car services. Parking charges handled using the EasyPark service can be connected to ALD Automotive invoicing. You no longer need to carry coins with you as you can take care of parking through EasyPark by using the smartphone app or by calling the service number. If required, you may extend the time your car is parked remotely – even from a conference room if your meeting takes longer than expected!

All parking charges on a single invoice

The service reduces the time spent on processing parking receipts and travel expense reports. The parking charges of all employees are consolidated on a single monthly invoice and are sent to your company in conjunction with the consolidated ALD Automotive invoice. You can also open a personal parking account to charge your private parking directly from your credit card.

Service start-up without any initial charge

Customers of ALD Automotive can start using the EasyPark service without any initial charge. The monthly service charge is EUR 3.95 per user (VAT 0%). Parking will be charged according to the actual parking time + EUR 0.55 per parking. Please make sure first whether or not your company accepts the service.

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